Verdigris Smart Meter


Connect Verdigris to your electric panel to understand what is going on inside your building and get information in time to save energy and money. This package includes all the necessary components to install on an electric panel.

Package Details:

  • Easier Install:
    • 30-120 minutes for a licensed electrician to install.
    • Options for 4G LTE, Wi-fi, or ethernet. With lifetime 4G included you have no need to poke holes in your firewall or work with IT to modify your systems.
  • Lower Cost:
    • What you see here is what you pay to get the system up and running.  No hidden install or commissioning fees. With up to 42 metered end-points per system you can achieve the lowest cost per metered endpoint of any system on the market.
  • Better Data:
    • With sub-second granularity you can understand what is going on inside your building like never before. Make your buildings work for you with advanced features such as reducing peak demand bills by forecasting energy usage 24 hours ahead of time or detecting small variations in equipment that allows you to fix the system before catastrophic failure.
  • Certified:
    • Approved and compliant with international standards: UL, CE, FCC part 15 class A, TUV certified. See more details here.

    Package Includes:

    • Data Transmitter
    • Voltage tap cables to power the data transmitter 
    • Panel mounting locknut and chase nipple 
    • (42) Current transformers (CTs)
      • 90A sensing limit
      • 8.7mm opening to clamp around insulated circuits up to 6 AWG
    • (2) 3m, (2) 1m, (2) 0.2m CT extension cables
    • 2 Year Data  Plan
      • Provides electricity usage across a range of time intervals (minute to monthly) and allows you to create alerts when equipment or set points operate outside of their normal conditions.

    Technical Specifications:

    Answers for Frequently Asked Questions: